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For more than 90 years, Epic Industries has been a leading manufacturer of high quality cleaning products for commercial and institutional use. Our painstaking quality control combined with exhaustive research and development provide the highest degree of product uniformity. We sell our products to distributors under our own label and private label. All of our products are fully guaranteed to perform to the complete satisfaction of the ultimate end user.

Flu Prevention Program

Epic products are used anywhere effective cleaning is needed. Please use our website to learn more about us, after which you may order any of our products or contact Epic to learn how we can customize a cleaning program for your facilities.

Swell® Foaming Luxury Hand Soap is now Green Seal™ Certified for environmental safety


Flu season is fast approaching.
Don't get caught unprepared
Prevent the spread of germs with Epic Industries' trusted Cleaning, Hand Sanitizing and Disinfecting products!

Call for more information:  Toll-Free: 1 (800) 221-3742

Eco-FriendlyDesign for
Go Green Without Giving up the Clean -- Epic Industries now manufactures the DFE recognized
Green Essentials
line of environmentally responsible products.  These products are tested for cleaning performance against the best in the industry and meet or exceed their performance


With the Avatar Dispenser System, your filling and dispensing operations are cleaner, safer and more efficient. 

The Avatar system quickly and accurately delivers the proper dilution of product every time, so there is no manual mixing of chemicals. Operators simply choose from Epic’s 8 products to create a customized system that meets their unique cleaning and sanitation needs.

Epic’s concentrated products, which are available in ˝ -gallon containers, along with other system components such as an insert, will feature color-coded labels and color coded cap adapters to further simplify training and reduce misuse.

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